Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 months

Our little Isla Sophia is 7 months old today! Time needs to slow down. The big development that has happened in the past month is her ability to sit up on her own. She's also eating more and more foods and wants to grab the spoon and feed herself. She remains a solid sleeper, putting in 11-12 hours straight each night...we are so blessed with that! She has one tooth fully in and another on it's way. She is such a happy baby always talking and squealing. She is very social and loves being out and about. Running errands and getting attention from strangers just makes her smile. She's rolling and rolling on the floor, and we know soon she'll be scooting or crawling. She's at such a fun stage, and we'd love to just freeze her at this point, but we can't wait to see all the changes to come and even more happiness she'll bring to us!

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