Thursday, September 30, 2010

More photos from Farrah Jobling Photography

7 month photos

We had a photo session last Saturday with Farrah Jobling. It went really well, and Isla was a fab little model, being so smiley and being so tolerant with all of the outfit changes. We couldn't be happier with the results! We are so lucky to have found Farrah and her ability to capture Isla in the most adorable poses! We will love and savor these photos forever!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 months

Our little Isla Sophia is 7 months old today! Time needs to slow down. The big development that has happened in the past month is her ability to sit up on her own. She's also eating more and more foods and wants to grab the spoon and feed herself. She remains a solid sleeper, putting in 11-12 hours straight each night...we are so blessed with that! She has one tooth fully in and another on it's way. She is such a happy baby always talking and squealing. She is very social and loves being out and about. Running errands and getting attention from strangers just makes her smile. She's rolling and rolling on the floor, and we know soon she'll be scooting or crawling. She's at such a fun stage, and we'd love to just freeze her at this point, but we can't wait to see all the changes to come and even more happiness she'll bring to us!

Fall is in the air and in her closet

The nights are getting cooler here and the leaves are starting to change color. I've been packing away some of Isla's summer clothes and many clothes that she has outgrown. Isla's got some CUTE CUTE stuff waiting to be worn when the weather really changes. We had a little fashion show and had her try on this sweet little elephant dress that Auntie Paula got for her before she was even born. Bring on the cold!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Low key weekend

We had a pretty mellow weekend at the Graham house. Saturday morning we hit the farmer's market, then my friend Catherine came over for a playdate with her little girl Tessa who is a month younger than Isla. Isla's second tooth is starting to come in, so we're dealing with a bit of a runny nose right now and Isla has been extra snuggly.
I'm continuing to make all of Isla's 'baby' food. Today I whipped up some applesauce, but she wasn't much of a fan. I'll try mixing it in with her morning oat cereal. She isn't a fan of pureed mangoes either. She loves the carrots I made, and thought the green beans were ok. We've let her have little tastes of some food from our plates, and she loved salmon and tuna. Can't believe she'll be 7 months this week!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Go Rockies!

We are big Rockies fans and have been wanting to take Isla to a game for quite some time. Today was the day, as it was a beautiful afternoon for a baseball game. She loved all the people watching and action taking place. A lovely couple gave us their tickets 12 rows behind home plate halfway through the game, so that was fantastic luck. And, following the game, an umpire gave a game ball to Isla. A Rockies' 9-6 victory capped off a great afternoon!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Football Season

Though her dad would prefer she be a Chargers fan, Isla is born and bred a Colorado girl and will naturally be a Broncos fan. Today was their first regular season game and Isla was decked out in her pink Broncos gear. Go Broncos!

Italian Festival

It was a beautiful beautiful day yesterday in Denver so we decided to hit the Italian Festival in Belmar. The streets were filled with food, drink and merchandise vendors. There were a few stages with live music and dancing, and Isla found those very entertaining. She loves being out and about and people watching!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A visit from Spencer

Isla's cousin Spencer, along with my Mom and Dad came up for the weekend. Isla LOVES having company over, and she was very entertained by Spencer. She squealed and squealed with glee at him. She started sitting up on her own this weekend, though she is still a little wobbly. In other developmental news, we had her 6 month appointment this past week. She weighed in at a mightly 15 1/2 lbs. She's in perfect health and right on track with her growth and development. Our next well baby visit is at 9 months, which will unfortunately probably be here before we know it!

Exersaucer Fun

This week I put together Isla's exersaucer, which was a mighty 2 hour project. It's a new form of entertainment for her, and there's so many things that she'll become more interactive with in time. Thank you to Colin and Sarah for this great toy!