Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hiking at Castlewood Canyon

It was a bright and cool morning last Sunday, so we decided to try hiking with the kids at beautiful Castlewood Canyon.  The kids did amazingly well, hiking over 3 miles on their own.  Isla loved picking up pinecones and wildflowers, while Finlay loved climbing over rocks and picking up sticks.  We'll definitely be making the short trip there again soon.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Family Fun Summer Style

Isla does summer

Finlay does summer

4th of July

We traveled to Holly for 4th of July.  The kids loved spending time with their cousins and all of the animals.  We went to Syracuse to light off fireworks and see their display over the pond. 

Mitch and Laura's Wedding

We had a wonderful evening at Mitch and Laura's wedding at Crooked Willow Farms.  What an incredible venue in the mountains!  It was so great to celebrate with the Nelson family and spend time with a family that is so special!

BBQs and Summer Fun

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum with our besting Rowan and Bronwyn and loved it so much, we joined as members.  We've been twice since.  It's a great indoor adventure on the sweltering hot summer days.

Red Rocks

It was a beautiful Sunday morning for Red Rocks.  The kids were little troopers hiking around.  The scenery was spectacular!

Graham Fam at the Rockies

We took Finlay to his first Rockies game on a beautiful Saturday evening.  The kids loved the baseball park snacks, the fabulous playgrounds and the music of the ball game. 

Down at the Barns

The kids love going out to the racetrack to see the Hammes kids, the horses and their dogs.  They're both fearless around animals and love to be little barn helpers.

Little Swimmers

Whether it be at the Lifetime Fitness pool, our neighborhood pool or the little pool in our backyard, the kids love to be outside and in the water!