Sunday, September 27, 2009

House Decor Progress

Finally, a weekend at home after three weekends out of town, across the world. We had a very productive weekend around the house. We got 7 prints framed that we'd gotten over our last two trips to Paris for one of the guest bathrooms and the kitchen. We hung new drapes in the guest bedroom...nightstands to come. The lawn is looking green and lush after a couple of treatments, and we got the blade sharpened on the mower yesterday, so it is looking quite pristine! After a cold week last week, we enjoyed temps in the high 70s and no clouds to be seen. Loving fall in Colorado!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Growing Belly

Though I'm still fitting in to all of my clothes (for now), we can definitely tell that my belly is growing by the week. Crazy to think that next weekend we'll be at the halfway point!!! Enjoy the pics of my blooming tummy. Why the headless shots? We take these pics first thing in the morning before the gym, and I'm less than glamourous at that point in the day!
12 Weeks

15 Weeks

19 Weeks

Monday, September 21, 2009

Susy and Jason's 40th birthday weekend!

We headed to Vegas Friday afternoon for our dear friends Susy and Jason Pang's 40th birthday celebration weekend in Vegas. Friday night they hosted cocktail party in their AMAZING suite for everyone, so it was great to see everyone and catch up in a relaxed (and smoke free) environment. Vegas is probably not the most ideal place for a pregnant woman, but luckily my Sambolina is 7 months pregnant and savored the non-alcoholic cocktails with me. Saturday we had a lovely breakfast at Bouchon at the Venetian with Sabrina, Jeff and Susannah. We spent the whole day at the cabana and in the pool. Later that afternoon was the big party at Rhumbar. So much fun, and so many wonderful friends, food and beverages to celebrate with. Sunday morning a group of about 30 headed to Luxor for brunch at T&T. Crazy to think the next time we see our San Diego friends, we'll be a family of three! Click HERE to see all of our pics!

Monday, September 14, 2009

J'adore Paris

We fall in love with Paris a little more each time we visit. We did our normal Paris agenda - explore new neighborhoods, eat unlimited pastries, have fabulous meals and take in all the sites of the City of Lights. Of course, drinking beautiful French wines and Champagnes was, very unfortunately, off the agenda for me this trip. Zums said it was the last time that I was allowed in France while pregnant. Friday evening we went to one of our fave restaurants L'Epi Dupin and had the 6 course tasting menu. Zums told me that I could eat as many pastries as I wanted as long as he could drink as much wine as he wanted...DEAL! Saturday we had to walk about 6 miles all over the city (getting lost a couple of times), exploring new neighborhoods. We splurged on Saturday at lunch at the spectacular 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Helen Dazore. And, somehow that evening we managed to take in a hearty meal at Milessimes 62. Zums was a sinner and had a Starbucks coffee in France, but we deemed it acceptable since it's the only place that did 'to go' cups. We already have our next trip planned next summer with Baby Graham! Click HERE to see all of our fab photos!

Back to Zums' homeland

We flew to Scotland September 4, and unfortunately suffered the worst case of jetlag that we've had! We got to spend lots of quality time with family and friends, so it was all worth it. A big group of friends journeyed to Gala for dinner with us, so we really appreciated eveyrone that made the effort to see us. I had my fair share of sticky toffee pudding when back and am bound and determined to master the dessert. We spent a day in Edinburgh shopping, and I was happy we were able to meet up with 2 of my friends while there. Of course the highlight of the trip was being able to share our happy news in person that Baby Graham will be arriving in February! Click HERE to see all of our pics!

Baby Shopping Time!

We arrived home after a long flight from Paris to Denver to find a very large box with our new Peg Perego Primo Viaggio carseat in it. Wow, is this all really happening!?!? We'll next get a travel stroller that the carseat clicks directly into. This type of purchase isn't very much fun, though, and it should just be 3 more weeks until we find out if it's pink or blue we'll be buying. Zums' Papa has clearly indicated that he's desperate for us to have a boy, while my dad is anxious for a little girl since he already has 2 grandsons. We honestly have no preference, as long as he/she is healthy.
And, in trying to break Spencer of his binky habit, my mom suggested that he give his binkies to 'Baby Freddy' when he/she arrives, but Spencer said Baby Freddy already has his 'bahs' and he's seen them (my friend Geri sent us several Avent pacifiers that Spencer stumbled upon, so he is correct).
Looking forward to the 17 week appointment tomorrow. My belly popped out in Paris - or else I ate too many pastries!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh baby!

Finally, at 16 1/2 weeks, it's a secret no more: WE'RE HAVING A BABY! We're currently in Scotland visiting Zums' family and are so happy we got to tell them in person when we arrived on Saturday. It seems like it's been our little secret for a LONG time, as we found out in early June that Baby Graham is on the way. We only told my family a couple of weeks ago, and they don't know how we were able to keep it a secret for so long.
I can't complain at all about how I've felt. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been sick, and the gym workouts are still on track. I did get a bit tired in the first trimester and have carb cravings. Zums was great and went on mashed potatoe runs a few times for me. Now, I'm back on track and not on a carb kick, so long may this continue!
The official due date is February 20. I have my 17 week appt September 15. I'm missing the 16 week appointment since we're in Scotland, and we're sooooo excited to find out the sex the second or third week of October. We've got our names picked out - boy or girl - and are keeping those top secret until the delivery room.
My friend Geri has been a saint in getting us the discounts on the baby products: breast pump, bottle sterilizer, bottle warmer, monitors, car seat and other baby essentials. Lots of basics, but we're excited to buy some pink or blue soon.
Our nephew Spencer has picked out the name 'Freddy Baby Graham' and always asked when are we buying the baby?!!? Hopefully as I get bigger he'll understand that I'm actually having it, and there's no shopping involved, though I am fearing the delivery room and just picking up a baby at Babies R Us seems much easier!
We're off to Paris on Friday morning, and I'm hoping we're able to find pasteurized cheese aplenty!