Thursday, January 31, 2013

Growing and growing


Isla is 100% potty trained.  Finlay is taking his first steps.  Isla is talking up a storm and telling stories.  Finlay is obsessed with throwing a football or bouncy ball over and over.  Isla loves to do dot art and play dough.  Finlay loves to interupt anything his sister is doing.  They are so sweet to each other and adore each other so much.

Weekend in the country

The kids and I headed to Holly for the weekend to visit family and watch our cousins Porter and Colby play basketball.  They both loved all the action of a game and spending lots of time with their cousins.  Isla is such a little animal lover and loved the new colt and all the barn cats. 

The Eastmans come to Denver

We were so happy to have our dear friends Becky and Mike here for a couple days with us.  It was great to catch up with them and partake in some of our favorite activies - drinking margaritas and eating Mexican food. 

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

The weather has been incredibly warm and mild this month, and weve been outdoors taking advantage of it.  We've been maximizing out zoo membership and have journeyed there 3 times this month.  The kids love it even more in their rockin' new Radio Flyer wagon!

New Years Eve

We hosted some neighbors for New Years Eve and celebrated 2013 early.  On New Years Day we celebrated some more with the Marrin family.  Looking forward to a very prosperous 2013 and counting all of our blessings!

Christmas Day 2012

We had a lovely Christmas at home as a family of 4.  We stayed in our jammies all days and watched the kids open presents and play with them all day.  We had feasts for breakfast and dinner.  We were blessed with so many gifts from our families to Isla and Finlay.

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with our dear friends the Pfalmer Family.  We attend church and Eastern Hills then joined the Pfalmers for dinner and fun with the kids in the their matching jammies.


We headed to Breckenridge with my whole family the weekend before Christmas.  We learned that Isla does not do snow and cold.  Instead of sledding, she laid on the coats in the warm sun and took a nap!

Let him eat cake

Finlay's One Year Photos

Once again, we are amazed by the talent of our friend and photographer Farrah Jobling in capturing such timeless photos of our little Finlay.