Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dance Parties

We have at least a couple of dance parties a day and the kids love to shake it.  Isla develops new dance moves daily and Finlay has a little skip step that he never tires doing.

Hearty Laugher

17 months and 39 months

It's hard to believe Finlay is almost 1 1/2!  He is still so snuggly and sweet.  He's saying a few more words...ball, Dada, Mama, Isla, Papa, Bubba, puppy, baby.  He loves playing outside with the toy mower and a ball of any sort.  He loves wrestling with Isla and playing chase.

Isla is loving summertime and all the outdoor time.  She's been such a little helper with gardening and yardwork.  She loves having her nails painted and getting glammed up with jewelry and headbands.  She's so tolerant and patient with Finlay's smothering love for her.  She loves having the Hammes kids here for the summer and family visiting often. 

Memorial Weekend

Summer is here!  The weather was perfect for Memorial Weekend, so we spent most of our time in the backyard grilling and chilling!

Happy Birthday Uncle Bubba

We celebrated Uncle Bubba's birthday one day late by going to The Hornet for dinner, topped off with some chocolate cake and ice cream!

Mother's Day

Nothing makes this Mama happier than a bottle of Champagne, sitting in the sun, watching my kids play and be happy.  And, that's exactly what we did.  Blessed!