Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The lovies keep on lovin

Just when we don't think they can get any closer, they do.  Isla is so incredibly patient and sweet with Finlay and his wild antics.  And, as Finlay is talking more and more, their conversations are becoming a little quirkier and charming.  Long may it continue!

Almost 4 and very fabulous

 Isla will be turning four in just a few days.  This has been the most fun phase of parenthood thus far with her.  Her personality shined so brightly in Scotland, and we're so happy that all of our Scotland family got to see her in her truest form.  She was so loving and compassionate and sweet to everyone.  She had so many questions about everything and great concern about everyone.  We just got her mid year pre school assessment and felt so much pride and joy reading it, as it noted her smiling non-stop, being a dream student and little rock star.  Now if time would only slow down!

Why does it rain here all the time?

Isla would ask in wonder each morning why it was raining again.  Welcome to Scotland!  She did get to sport some new wellies and rain gear.  Luckily, though, the sun did shine on our final day and we got to experience the true beauty of the Scottish countryside.

Happy 60th Grandpa Riddell

How fun and festive that we got to celebrate Grandpa Riddell's 60th birthday while in Scotland.  We had a birthday dinner on his actual birthday and joined in his big celebration a few days later.  The kids had a great time showing off their dance moves!

Scotland Family Time

While it was Isla's 3rd trip to Scotland, it was Finlay's 1st.   He had lots of family anxious to meet him, especially his Papa and Granny Sas.  The kids were so loving and affectionate with everyone and put on little duet singing performances everywhere we went.  We cherished all of the time with our family afar.

Up, up and away

We made the DEN-EWR-EDI flight on February 9 without any tantrums or meltdowns.  The flights were much faster than expected, so that really helped.  The kids were little traveling troopers!

Where is winter?

We have no complaints that it's been such a mild winter here.  We've been able to enjoy lots of time on the new bikes, cruising around and playing at the parks.  Long may it continue!

Tiny Dancer Returns

Isla has resumed dance class and couldn't be more excited about it.  As much as Isla loves to go to class, Finlay loves to watch her and embrace her as soon as class is complete.

Broncos Fever

Though the end result was not what we wanted or expected, what a fabulous season we had as Broncos fans.  Looking forward to next season and breaking out our orange and blue!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014, let's go!

We're back in the swing of things after a very festive holiday season!  Isla was excited to get back to school after a 2 weeks break.  We were excited to get back on a health kick after a month of parties, entertaining and indulging.  Seems like this month is already flying by and we're doing out best to make the best of every day!

New Years Eve

We feel so lucky to have neighbors that we enjoy spending time with.  We hosted New Years Eve and enjoyed catching up on everyone's holiday adventures and ringing in 2014!