Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July

We had such a great day/night on America's birthday.  We headed to the pool at 10, and they put on a great day complete with hot dogs, snow cones and pool games.  After naptime we headed to the Marrin's for a very American bbq.  We hit our neighbors the Maestas family for a couple hours in the evening.  Isla had enough watermelon to last her a lifetime!

Pretty Princess

Isla is now 2 years and 4 months.  We'd love to freeze her and keep her at this stage forever, as she's so funny and entertaining.  She's just about 100% potty trained which has been much easier to do than expected.  She loves to sing, dance, jump and read her books.  My family has been up to visit quite a bit this summer, and she loves having them here.  She also loves having the whole Hammes family up here for the summer horse races.  She's such a little social butterfly!

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Finlay turned 6 months on June 14.  Where the heck have the past 6 months gone?!?!?!  He couldn't be any sweeter.  He is such a happy and easy baby, which makes our job as Mom and Dad that much more enjoyable.  He is sleeping like a champ for 12 hours at night, and he takes a short nap in the morning and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon coordinated with Isla's.  He's become much more interested in eating 'real' foods since starting those at 4 months.  He has a hearty laugh and the sweetest smile.  He loves his big sister more than anything!

Best Buddies - June 2012

Finlay started sitting up in mid June.  He is able to interact and engage with Isla alot more, and she loves playing with him even more.  She loves to show him new things and surround him with her stuffed animals.  He smiles and laughs at everything she does.

Fun times with the Murray boys

Last month, my dear friend Gretchen and her two little boys were in Colorado visiting her family.  We met them at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Isla took an immediate liking - no, a loving - to her boys Haydn and Zane.  We were lucky enough to spend time with them at our home the following day for brunch with more college friends as well.

Happy Father's Day

The Wine Event

We were priveliged to be invited to the Children's Hospital Wine Event to raise money for the Denver Children's Hospital.  It was a fabulous night and event spent with great company!

Grandpa Riddell comes to Denver

Zums' dad made the long trip over from Scotland in early June.  We hit the new Elephant Passage exhibit at the zoo, rode the Georgetown Railroad loop, and spent time with friends and family. 

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Isla has a pair of little red cowgirl boots that she just can't get enough of.  She will wear them with anything, anywhere!


Our neighborhood pool officially opened Memorial Weekend, and with the temperatures we've been having it is such a fabulous ammeninity to have.  It's a little hard to manage two little ones on my own at the pool, but we manage and always have fun!

Playin' kitchen

One of Isla's favorite things to do is to play kitchen with Finlay.  She hands him different play foods and they go straight to his mouth.  He loves to just watch her and interact with her.  She is so patient and loving with him.

40 years of marriage

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversery with us on May 12.  Harrison and Leah and the Uhlands were here with us to have a lovely meal and celebrate my wonderful parents!

Cinco de Mayo

We LOVE Cinco de Mayo, as we love our margaritas and Mexican food!  We had some of our neighbors over to celebrate the day and savor delightful drinks and food.

Rookie Realtor of the Year

We were all so proud and happy when Zums was named the Denver Rookie Realtor of the Year by the Denver Realtor Board.  It was great to see all of his hard work and dedication rewarded!

Best Buddies - April 2012

Missing Blogger Found

I know it's been 3+ months since I've blogged.  I'm back!  I've gotten wrapped up in the life of taking care of my 2 yr old and 6 month old and enjoying our summer.  I'm going to make lots of updates with recent events and promise lots of photos.  What's going on with us right now?  Well, we're all very excited about our new Toyota Sienna purchase.  We love our swagger wagon and it is so so so handy and convenient and practical with the kids.  Zums is busy busy busy with buying and selling homes for clients.  He's having a fantastic July, and looks to have an even better August.  We're all looking forward to a getaway to Vail for a few days next month.  Let the blogging catch up begin!