Monday, August 31, 2009

Rockies Fever!

We hit our second Rockies game in a week last Wednesday night. My brother Harrison and his girlfriend Leah were visiting from DC. We hit Falling Rock Tap House for dinner before the game. Our seats were in left field so there was lots of heckling of Manny Ramirez. Highlight of the night was a home run being hit RIGHT beside me...the guy next to me called a friend of his right after the play and his friend reported a terrified look on a girl in a green jacket (that would be me). I made TV and the jumbotron!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer fun at the pool playground

We have a really neat playground connected to our neighborhood pool, so everyone took turns on the different equipment. Everyone then came to our house for lots of apps and leftovers from Friday night's party in Holly. We got Spence his own little golf set after he saw Uncle Zums' new set last week. Next up, Scotland on Friday!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family fun in Denver

My mom and dad came up on Friday night and we had a fab dinner at the Chophouse. Monica and the boys journeyed up on Saturday, and we spent the whole afternoon in the heat and sunshine at the pool. That evening we went to the Rockies game for a big comeback game against the Giants with a 14-11 victory. We had great seats, and thankfully they were in the shade as it was still blistering hot until the 5th inning. Now, time to prepare for Harrison and Leah's arrival on Tuesday!

What's new at the new house?

Slowly but surely the house is becoming a home. I've started building a photo collage wall with pics from our travels and family and friends. We recently got a daybed for the main level spare bedroom/study, so we now have room for more visitors to comfortably stay with us (hint! hint!). And, we've added a homey little bench to the front porch. Much more to come!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mexican food weekend in Santa Fe

We road tripped to Santa Fe, NM for the weekend where our only rule was 'We can only eat Mexican food.' And stuck to that rule we did! It is our favorite cuisine, and we do consider ourselves connoisseurs of the south of the border food group. We were in for a fab surprise, as we tasted things that we'd never heard of, ate til our stomachs were over-the-top full and somehow managed to eat a little more. The highlight was night #1 when I had chili rellenos stuffed with ground beef, walnuts and raisins (TO DIE FOR!!!), and Zums had what can only be described as a pot of cheese with chicken stock, chicken and homemade tortillas...the most amazing flavors! One restaurant we ventured to had over 125 margarita choices - my idea of Heaven! Oh, and we toured around some galleries, old churches and the scenic bits of the city.