Sunday, February 27, 2011

Presents and Cake

With all the party hoopla and action on Saturday, we saved Isla's presents and smash cake for Sunday morning with my family. Cousin Spencer helped her open all of her presents, and she'll have plenty of clothes to last her through the summer and lots of new books to read and toys to play with. My parents gave us season passes to the zoo, and we hope to use those this week for the first time. Isla wasn't sure about the candle on her cake, but once that was pulled out she picked up the whole thing and dug right in!

Birthday Bash

Isla's first birthday warranted the biggest party that we've ever thrown. We had nearly 50 people here yesterday (including 24 kids!) to celebrate the big ONE! It was such a great afternoon and evening celebrating with friends and family. Isla is one blessed little girl and was shown so much love for her first birthday celebration!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mmmmm cake!

As part of the 1 year photo session, Isla got to devour a smash cake. She certainly wasn't shy about it, and unfortunately, it looks like she has my sweet tooth!

1 year photo session

Over the course of the last year, we've done 5 photo sessions with our friend and photographer Farrah Jobling. She has taken some beautiful and creative and sweet photos our little girl that fill our home and we'll forever cherish. We did her 1 year session a few days before her birthday and it was wild since she is crawling and grabbing and not just smiling and sitting. Though she was a wild child, Farrah was able to catch her in all of her fun and sweetness.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!

It's hard to believe that one year ago today our little Isla Sophia came into the world. We feel so blessed to have a baby that is so happy, healthy and a hearty sleeper! We spent the day just the three of us going to the Denver Aquarium, where Isla was mesmerized by all the fish. We then headed to the Cherry Cricket for lunch where she devoured over half of a burger...she's got a healthy appetite. We'll celebrate her birthday in grand form on Saturday with lots of friends and family. In the meantime, time needs to slow down!

Monday, February 21, 2011

State Wrestling

We headed to the Pepsi Center on Thursday afternoon for the first round of state wrestling. Nick pinned his opponent, but unfortunately didn't fare so well the rest of the weekend. We're so proud of him, though, and all of the hard work he put in this season. Aunt Mary and Uncle Al got to experience high school wrestling for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to see everyone there and have a meal at Cheesecake Factory with Monica, Stacy and the boys afterwards.

Auntie Mamie and Uncle Al visit

Euan's aunt and uncle made the journey from Scotland to Colorado to visit us for a week. We had a fantastic week of sunny weather, so they were able to get out for long walks every day. Isla loved having company and the endless attention. She was such a little trooper this past week going out to eat numerous times. We're so glad that they made the trek across to spend quality time with all of us!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week in San Diego

Isla and I traveled to San Diego to visit my dear friend Sam and her 15 month old Jackson. We had such a good time in the warm sunshine. We visited the zoo, ate at our favorite places and got in lots of outdoor time at parks and beaches. Jackson and Isla played so well together and were too stinkin' cute together! We also got to see my friend Cristina and her 18 month old Liam. The little 3 amigos were so sweet together!

Pops' 65th Birthday

We were able to celebrate my dad's 65th birthday on January 28. Nick's 18th birthday was January 30, so we had a big joint celebration dinner at Monica's. Isla's loves being in a big group and all of the attention. She kept loving and hugging on her cousin Rhett. The next big birthday celebration will be her own!

Isla's first wrestling tournament

We headed to Eads a few weeks ago for Isla's first high school wrestling tourney. Armed with snacks, toys and plenty of people to pass her around to, we lasted about 2 hours. Isla enjoyed the break time and crawling around on the mats with the Hammes kids. Nick was champion, so a great day. We'll be seeing more wrestling action at the state tournament this next weekend!

11 months old

Nearly 3 weeks ago Isla turned 11 months. She is finally properly crawling and is on the go and into everything. She has 8 teeth right now, and luckily, teething hasn't been too traumatic on her or us. She's pulling herself up onto everything. We're in no hurry for her to start walking...we think it's still a few months away!