Saturday, January 23, 2010

Her home is ready!

The nursery is complete! Now, we just need a little baby to put in it. I've been hearing some stories lately of people being told they were having a baby girl and it turned out to be a little boy. If that's the case, hope he loves pink!

And, though we've not shared her name with anyone, we're giving a little teaser of her initials - ISG!


  1. are my guesses...
    Isabelle Samantha Graham
    Isa Sandra Graham
    Ivana Suzanne Graham
    Ida Summer Graham
    Illana Summersausage Graham

    DUDE...i don't know, guess i'll have to wait 1 more month!

  2. I am going to guess Isla Suri, Isabella or Ingrid! HAH! Fun to guess and can't believe she'll be here soon! Can't wait and good guess on the middle name, Geri! HA!