Sunday, January 10, 2010

Growing and Learning

33 weeks

34 weeks

As you'll see by the belly pics, I'm growing by the weeks, with only 41 days left! We had our birthing class today at Rose Medical, where we'll deliver. It was really good, and we both found the hospital tour to be the most valuable, as we now know where to go and what to expect in each area.

We're scrambling around getting as much last minute stuff done as possible - buying diapers and wipes, breaking out supplies and learning how to use them in advance and finishing up the nursery. We got a dresser for the nursery which will be delivered this week, so we should be just about done with that.

My shower is this coming Saturday, and I'm looking forward to catching up with lots of friends and family there!


  1. I can't believe she'll be here in basically a month! WOW! One thing that I was reminded to do closer to delivery is to get a picture of just the two of you as close to D day as possible becuz you'll not be only 2 going forward! :) We took our pic right before we left for the hospital! Soon you'll be 2 no more! HOW EXCITING!

  2. How'd i miss this post!? Looks like DG is growing a lot more in the last couple of weeks!! WOOHOO!!