Sunday, December 26, 2010

10 months old

It's really hard for us to comprehend that our little Isla is already 10 months old. She's a wild and funny little lady. She's still not crawling, but she rolls and rolls to get wherever she wants to be. She's eating pretty much everything that we eat, and she really enjoyed all the rich food over the holiday season (we think her belly certainly shows that!). She's still a champion sleeper, and we comfortably left her with her first real babysitter, Lauren, a couple of weeks ago. She took her third plane ride when we traveled to Minneapolis earlier this month and was a champion traveler, and her next trip will be to San Diego in early February. She has a new little fake laugh and fake cough now, and she knows that doing certain things will make us laugh. She loved seeing so many family and friends over the holidays and having so many people around. Her top two teeth broke through this past week without too much trauma, so we're anxious to see what her smile will look like when they are fully through. We just feel so blessed to have such a happy and fun and healthy baby in our lives!

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