Tuesday, June 15, 2010

16 weeks old

Twisting and turning in her little tub

Susan and Isla
Spence and Isla at the horse races

Little Lady Isla just keeps growing and changing by the day. Life at home is a little tougher as she's always rolling over on her own, so we have to keep a constant eye on her. She's outgrown the bassinet in the pac'n'play so naps in her crib are going to have to start now. Last Saturday we met alot of my family out at the racetrack where Isla got to hang with her favorite cousin Spence. Saturday we headed to my friend Karina's for brunch with the girls, and she got to meet Susan for the first time. She continues to love the water, as we've taken her swimming several times and bathe her daily now. She is going through clothes sizes like crazy and wore a 9 month outfit today. Can't believe she'll be 4 months old next week!

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