Monday, August 3, 2009

Mexican food weekend in Santa Fe

We road tripped to Santa Fe, NM for the weekend where our only rule was 'We can only eat Mexican food.' And stuck to that rule we did! It is our favorite cuisine, and we do consider ourselves connoisseurs of the south of the border food group. We were in for a fab surprise, as we tasted things that we'd never heard of, ate til our stomachs were over-the-top full and somehow managed to eat a little more. The highlight was night #1 when I had chili rellenos stuffed with ground beef, walnuts and raisins (TO DIE FOR!!!), and Zums had what can only be described as a pot of cheese with chicken stock, chicken and homemade tortillas...the most amazing flavors! One restaurant we ventured to had over 125 margarita choices - my idea of Heaven! Oh, and we toured around some galleries, old churches and the scenic bits of the city.

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